What do you feel you absolutely cannot do, despite a desire to?

Get an index card and write your obstacle on one side, like this:

  • “I can’t __________.”
  • “_______ is impossible for me to attain right now.”
  • “I don’t have enough time to __________.”
  • “I’ve always wanted to ___________, but life gets in the way.”
  • “_________ couldn’t happen.”
  • “I can’t afford ________.”

Now flip it over and invert the statement, like this:

  • “I will _________.”
  • “I will attain ___________, starting today.”
  • “I have enough time to ________.”
  • “I’ve always wanted to _____________ and from now on I will prioritize this goal.”
  • “_________ is possible.”
  • “I can afford _________.”

Say this to yourself, aloud or in your head, several times. Now take out a sheet of paper, and write down all the ways you could make this true. You’ll surprise yourself with this – rarely do I find a person with an unattainable goal.

Now the choice is yours – will you continue to accept your excuses?

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Credit for this technique belongs to Bonnie St. John


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