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We’d like to start by recognizing a wonderful thing: you lead a very full life, and your time at work is no different. You’re taking time away from your schedule to work on building a culture of courageous growth.

That tells us that you’re exactly the person we want to work with.

Because we respect your time, we’ll get right down to it.

Professional Catalyst offers growth coaching in a number of arenas, but our mission is simple:

We learn about the foundations of human motivation, and then we transform this information into practical, easy-to-apply solutions for your business.

Professional Catalyst Corporate Coaching offers:

Executive Coaching

Your challenges are unique. Maybe you feel a disconnect between your company’s mission statement and your employees. Maybe you want to build a more cohesive management team. Maybe you’ve noticed that the workforce is changing, and you want to be sure your company will adapt and grow with the rising tide of millennials in the workforce. Professional Catalyst will help you uncover a path to tailored solutions for your company.

Management and Team Coaching

Bring in a Certified Professional Coach to work with your managers and teams to build cohesion and improve workplace communication. The Professional Catalyst model starts by addressing motivation. Within teams we work to align individual motivations with long-term company goals, giving every member of your team a ‘why’ to inspire their daily actions. What would it look like if your successful company was also carrying every employee toward personal and professional goals?

5 Voices Communication Training

Certified in the 5 Voices communication model, our trainer will come to your team and teach them a powerful tool that will change the way your company functions. 5 Voices is based on Jungian typology and is designed to be easy to understand, yet powerful when applied. This system will provide a groundwork for your team to take advantage of everyone’s skills, allow them to engage with each other in meaningful ways, and bring a human element to corporate culture. Training is presented in impactful, playful ways to ensure it sticks. Professional Catalyst also offers continuing coaching packages to cement the skills in your company culture.


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