“Everyone speaks. Not everyone is heard.”

The 5 Voices is more than a leadership system for the workplace. It’s an easy-to-understand, powerful way to approach any interaction with every human being in  your life.

The idea: we all communicate differently.

GiANT Worldwide, the creator of 5 Voices, realized that we need a system that clarifies those hard-to-remember personality profiles and creates a simple, powerful tool for communication. Thus, 5 Voices was born.

Though we each have access to all five voices, some are harder to use than others. By discovering our natural inclinations to our primary and secondary voices we will gain an understanding of how others perceive us. We will also understand more about others’ motivations and ideals. With these tools we can create greater impact in every human-to-human encounter.

The 5 Voices system is impactful in corporate communication.

With a strong knowledge of the system and a bit of practice, you’ll start to understand those around you in a very practical way. You’ll be able to tailor your communication based on their motivations, rather than your own. You will also gain an appreciation for the skills each voice brings to your team.

“5 Voices helped me understand that the personalities I clash with in the workplace are necessary pieces of keeping our company running. Just because I want to move forward immediately doesn’t mean our primary-voice Guardian admin assistant isn’t doing exactly what she should when she slows me down and reminds me of protocol.”

5 Voices is powerful for small business owners.

The 5 voices are at home even in 1-person businesses. Use them during customer outreach! When you speak, you are speaking with your primary voice – and not everyone will hear you. Learn to speak to all the voices and watch your business take off.

“I thought my marketing copy was good. Like, really good. Then I took it home to my spouse. Uh-oh. She told me that it sounds completely arrogant and is a turn-off. When I started working with 5 Voices I learned that not everyone communicates the way I do, and I was able to adapt my messaging to speak to my entire market segment instead of only reaching those who share my primary voice.”

We can even use 5 Voices at home.

The Voices are a powerful tool for self-knowledge and can be applied in any context. Wouldn’t it be helpful to become aware of why you react to certain situations poorly? Where does your impatience come from? How can you stop being a door mat for your family? 5 Voices helps you understand yourself so you can be a better parent, spouse, or child.

“It was a blow to my ego to realize that Nurturer is my fifth voice – the one I have a lot of trouble with. I’m a woman, wife, and mom, and Pioneer-Connector are my first two voices. Even at home I put progress over people, and 5 Voices helped me realize that I need to be more intentional about practicing the Nurturer voice. I’ve known for a while that I’m exceptionally bad at holding space for people in pain, and now I have the language and tools to practice a different approach.”


The Voices

The Nurturer: Champion of People

The Creative: Champion of Innovation

The Guardian: Champion of Responsibility and Stewardship

The Connector: Champion of Relationships and Strategic Partnerships

The Pioneer: Champion of Results and Progress


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