So your new employee accepted your offer. 

Right now you’re glad you have that seat filled, because it will improve life for everyone on that team. You’re concerned with onboarding, paperwork, training, and helping them build relationships with the team.

Have  you considered how you’ll keep them yet?

Sure, right now they’re satisfied with the compensation and excited about all the perks – a great health plan, healthy snacks available in the break room, yoga in the conference room twice a week. You’ve worked hard to listen to your employees and respond by providing them with the things they say they want in order to feel valued in their workplace.

But what happens in a year, when these things are no longer exciting? Or in two years, when they’ve been given a promotion but the work is still just…work?

What will you do when your employee starts looking for another job?
With Professional Catalyst, you won’t let it get that far.

The number one cause of casual disengagement at work is a culture that doesn’t prioritize the individual’s personal and professional growth. When you partner with Professional Catalyst, you’ll learn to uncover your employees’ motivations, aspirations, and superpowers. You’ll discover how to create dynamic teams that take advantage of individual strengths, allowing your employees to feel heard, uplifted, and valued. Because a holistic approach is most effective, Professional Catalyst also works with your entire team to create a culture of growth and self-empowerment.

We at Professional Catalyst believe in you.
Let us help you grow into the workplace community you’re meant to become.

Professional Catalyst

You’ll get it done. We can help.