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Within these pages you’ll find exercises that challenge your current ideas and processes, both within your business or your life. If you’re all set in any of these areas, great! Chances are, though, you’ll find something that holds your attention. If anything resonates, go ahead and do the exercise included. You’ll need a way to take notes in most cases, and I recommend using pen and paper. The brain processes writing by hand differently than it does typing.

Some rules of thumb for journaling: write down anything that crosses your mind. If it’s banal, write it down. If it’s “This is banal,” write that down! No one is going to see this, so anything goes. Follow all the threads you come across, and answer all the questions within the exercises. No answer is too dumb (and, in fact, asking “Why do I feel like that answer is dumb?” might yield interesting results!).

Remember, friend: question everything!


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