For People in Organizations

Whether you’re officially a leader of others or you’re learning to lead up the chain of command, this is a fantastic list of resources to grow within your field.

Management: This set of books is geared toward people leading groups toward goals: hiring assessment, leadership, and systems for achieving goals.

Coaching, Problem Solving and Motivation: How do you inspire your team to find their own motivations and align them with your company mission? A collection to build your ‘soft’ skills, though this is the hardest work of all.

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Retention: Most businesses want to find the best way to communicate their message to the customer, so they talk about themselves. What if you talk about your customer instead?

Last but not least, Podcasts! All sorts of things on that list, from business to proper nerdery.

For Small Business Owners

This will redirect you to our sister site that is focused on coaching you through building your small business. Find useful books and podcasts that will set you apart from others and pave your way to marketing fluency.


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